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Mission alert!

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Mission alert! Empty Mission alert!

Post by Deviant God Diyanira on Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:43 am

As you should all know, two members here, Our beloved administrators that created Fabled Duel academy, would like for you fellow members to participate daily missions. Those missions will gradually make Fabled duel Academy grow much bigger and eventually hit the top one in ranked academy.

missions are as followed;

  • Recruiting members
  • Creating teams to compete against other teams
  • Help lower ranked members get better
  • Post as often as possible (avoid spam)

Members successfully completing these task daily will be given a handsome ammount of dueling point. These dueling points will be used to purchase Fabled academy shop items.

Fabled duel academy would like to thank all members who devote themselves to making this academy a much better forum. Fill the air with life! Help raise our community as one.

Any more question, please seek the closest administrator online via pm or staff chat.
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