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Test Results: hgutierrez4

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Test Results: hgutierrez4 Empty Test Results: hgutierrez4

Post by Captain Charisma on Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:11 pm

Match Duel 1 Inzektors vs Evolsaurs 2/5

Deck Construction: 13/20

Deck Count- 4 (only 14 in extra)
Consistency- 3
Synergy- 3
Creativity- 3

Notes: Can't really critique cause I didn't have a screenshot of your deck.

Performance 17/25

Round 1: No misplays. Hornet got going with centipede and when you tryed to stop it with dolka I just had to many inzekies out at the time for you to stop it.

Round 2: No misplays. You got set up with dolka and utopia and nothing i could do. gg

Round 3: There was one misplay that cost you game. You were to focused on inzektor affects when you could have stopped them for really even reaching the field. Instead of dolka you should have went laggia and that would have won you the game pretty much. After that i just use hornet to deplete your resources and won the game.

Match Duel 2 BK vs GK 4/5

Deck Construction 14/20

Deck Count- 3/5 (only 5 in extra o.o)
Consistency- 4/5
Synergy- 3/5
Creativity- 4/5

Performance: 16/25

Duel 1: It was a long duel. We both kept countering each other like crazy with backrow. Though you were way too conservative to the point you barely attacked when you had openings. Though because of all the countering you got me to deck out first with you haveing 2 cards to spare.

Duel 2: I found a way around Necrovalley and started spamming yokes and that was all she wrote.

Duel 3: You started fast and strong with Malefic Cyber End then i brought out yokes to counter. Though you had solemn. Then took 4k damage. Then after i resummoned another yoke u took 1800 tho my yoke had 3000 atk. I planned to use its affect again to take out cyber end. Though you used the cheapest most annoying way to win. Cylinder -.-.

Different Decks +2
Attitude +3

Total: 71/105

You will start in the Ra Yellow dorm.

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