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Test Results: RaptorSeven

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Test Results: RaptorSeven Empty Test Results: RaptorSeven

Post by Captain Charisma on Sun Sep 29, 2013 4:29 pm

Match Duel 1 Draco Sabers vs Hieratics 5/5

Deck Construction- 19/20

Deck Count- 5
Consistency- 5
Synergy- 4
Creativity- 5

Performance: 22/25

You overall played very well. It was first move Red Nova and I had absolutely nothing to stop it. You had dominance and complete control.

Match Duel 2 Inzektors vs Constellar 5/5

Deck Construction 0/20

You used 2 pleadies which is limited. It didnt really affect the duel so I'm pnly nuking your deck Construction.

Performance 22/25

Again played extremely well. No misplays

+2 for different decks
+3 for attitude

Total 73/105

You will start in Ra Yellow. Though next time read the rules since it cost you obelisk that you didn't.

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