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YGO PRO Guide  Empty YGO PRO Guide

Post by Captain Charisma on Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:27 am

In this post you can find the latest download for the main YGOPro version we use. The game has an automatic updater so once you have downloaded it you won't need to do so again.

YGOPro Download FULL:

Versions for Linux and Mac users are also in the above link.

For help installing the game just follow these instructions...
Use the above link to download the game
When the download is finished, open the file with winrar/winzip and click the file and choose 'Extract to...'
Make sure to extract it to it's own folder
After it's done you can go into the folder and double click the 'ygopro_vs.exe' file to start playing
Go to 'Deck Edit' to create and save decks, and 'Multiplayer' to start playing with others

There 3 main servers... Linux (for rank duels), European and USA
It doesn't matter if you use EU or USA, sometimes one is faster or fuller than the other
Select 'Host' to host a game, changing the settings to suit the duel you want
or... Select 'Refresh' to see game already hosted on the server. You can also join hosted games to spectate

Thank you and enjoy your time in Fabled Duel Academy.
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