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Tag Arena Rules

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Tag Arena Rules Empty Tag Arena Rules

Post by SoulTakeOver on Sat Sep 21, 2013 3:27 pm

~ Tag Arena duels are friendly way to earn DP (Duel Points) ~

You can challenge a FDA user to a duel. Whoever wins must post a screen shot or a Replay, and then the loser must also go to that post and confirm his loss.

Duel modes supported:(for people who use ygopro, tdaone, or dev pro)
Tag Mode 
Forbidden List: The most recent Forbidden List must be used
Allowed Cards: TCG/OCG
Time Limit: 180
“Enable Priority” must be off
“Don’t check deck” must be off
“Do not shuffle deck” must be off
Starting LP: 16000
Starting Hand: 5
Cards per Draw: 1

~ All players are only allowed 1 post. 

~ After this, an Admin or a Moderator will award the value and lock the topic.

~ All replays must be included in the post.

~ The winner is awarded a win on their record, 25 DP.

~ The loser is given a loss on their record, and nothing else.


~ Post 1 (Master Marcus): MasterMarcus vs YuseiFudo01. 
~ I won by 2-1. Here are the replays: (links to uploaded replays) (If you use DN you will have to add screenshot proof instead of replays)
~ Post 2 (YuseiFudo01): I confirm loss.
~ Post 3 (Admin/Mod): Awarded and locked.

~ You can only duel the same person for a Battle Field once in a 2 day span.

~ The following decks and strategies are not allowed.

FTK Decks.
Burn Decks.
Stall Decks.
Final Countdown.
Exodia Deck (except Exodia Necross and Exodius based decks).

Clarification of the latter case:
A player cannot win by drawing (or adding to hand) the 5 pieces of exodia.


~ If you want to find a duel with someone, PM them or simply ask in the chat if anyone wants to TA.


~ Official Way to Post

~ There's a text below every topic when you are in the Arena, it reads:

Forum Rules & organize duels:

Time of Duel:
Dueling Mode:
(Other Notes)

~ You shall post using this pattern above.

~ Now into explaining them:


1.) If it has been 3 days since the topics original postdate, an Admin or a Mod will review the replays and then force Award and Lock the BA.

2.) Under circumstances where there are difficulties in replays or understanding who won, an Admin or a Mod will review the replays and come up with a winner or invalidate the BA.

3.) Invalidation of a TA duel will occur in the case of there being an absence of replays and no way to determine a clear victor.

(NOTE: Admins and Mods)

When Awarding and Locking a Tag Arena duel, make sure the two duelists have not participated more than twice a Battle Field duel within the last 3 days before Awarding and Locking it. If the two duelists have indeed dueled in a BA duel within the last 3 days, you must invalidate the BA and lock it.
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