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Team Creation Rules

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Team Creation Rules Empty Team Creation Rules

Post by SoulTakeOver on Sat Sep 21, 2013 3:31 pm

The Purpose to have a team is to have fun and challenge other teams on wars. The winner  team of the war arena team will get 25 each participant. For more information about our War Arena please read our War Arena Rules.

To all those who would like to make a new team or create one these are some steps you will have to do. First thing is that anyone can make a team, but the team must be approved by our GameMasters. Once they Approve it they will move the thread to Team Bunkers which means that your team is Official. 
To get your team approved you must first complete the following rules:

  • Must at least have 3 Team Members (not more then 5 members).

Once you know you have the following rules completed you will need to post the following Topic:

Topic: Teams Name
Team Members (How to contact them and their names):
Other Notes:

After you have completed the following you are set to go! Enjoy your team making
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