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War Registration Rules

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War Registration Rules Empty War Registration Rules

Post by SoulTakeOver on Sat Sep 21, 2013 3:36 pm

Hello Duelists this is the War Arena.

What is War Arena you make ask.
War Arena is where you challenge other teams to duel and the winner team will get 50 DP (Each Participant of the winning team, that participated). The losing team will receive nothing but a loss in their record. For each heart taken on either team the person individually that took it gains 25 DP.

When you want to challenge a team to a War you must send a challenge to the challenged team and they must agree, then ask a War Master to Approve the war.

The following format will be needed to be posted on the war arena section and on the challenged team thread:

Kind of Duels: (Elimination which means that if you lose the duel you will be eliminated from war and your team will lose a Heart or Regular that means anyone can duel as much as they please until their team runs out of hearts and a team wins the War).
How many participants (Max ):
Names of Participants in your team:
Sub Participants:
Another Notes (Like contact info of Participants. This is Optional):

After this the challenged team leader will have to list the following: 

Names of Participants in your team:
Sub Participants:
Another Notes (Like contact info of Participants. This is Optional):

Also would be good to mension the war formate:

For each can be from 3-10 hearts

double elimination (after a player lose two war matchs it is desqualified)
And the last heart can only be dealt by a duel whit both leaders

No elimination
and the conduct of the war its unlimeted

After these requirements are completed, have fun warring each other.  

And if a war has been started and is inactive for 4-5 days then a game master will penalize the team that has been in active by reducing members of the team or taking hearts. If a war is inactive from both sides of the warring teams then bath teams will be penalized, also a team could receive a temporary warring ban for starting wars and not completing them.
Once a war has been completed a War Master will lock the thread and award the GP.
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